Bear in the House #5

I walked out early in the morning, coffee in hand, to check on the almost 200 lb. bear in the trap. I noticed that my solar lights that were in the ground were uprooted around the trap. I then looked up to the woods and saw a small cub poking his head around a tree staring at me. I then called Ethan to let him know the bear had cubs.
He said, “I’ll get more traps.”
He set up three traps.
About an hour later, I was working in my house and looked out to see 4 cubs climbing down out of the woods to be by their mom. Two walked into the traps. A 3rd climbed on top of the traps an tripped the trap without climbing in.
I called Ethan and said, “We have 4 cubs.”
Ethan brought 3 more traps.
The two remaining cubs climbed a tree and watched.
After I went in the house and Ethan left, the two came out of the tree and eventually were lured by the cookies, etc. into the traps.
Ethan came back, loaded them up, and drove them to be relocated.

(See video clips below)

IMG_20160629_121213024_HDR#1 IMG_20160629_130050338_HDR IMG_20160629_113953936_HDR IMG_20160629_114014204_HDR DSC02892 DSC02879

Video #1
The cubs obviously missed their mom.

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4
This cub was definitely the most aggressive of the group. Not a happy camper.

Video #5
See the video of all the cubs in their traps before they are relocated 40 miles away.
















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