Mollie and Sudan

SudanĀ is not a typical vacation spot. We took Mollie to Khartoum to visit people we know there during a school holiday (from Qatar). She was amazing. A lot of strange things happened but it includes a family living on an island on the Nile River offering their son to marry Mollie. She declined.


Hiking the Wild Wall

From the Beijing Hikers website – hike Ellie and I took – one of our first “wild wall” hikes.

This was a hot hike, and it took a bit longer than we expected. We think the scenery was worth the effort, and appreciated the sparsely populated Yanqing countryside and the early Ming Dynasty Great Wall (as well as a cold beer afterward).

Statistics: 4.5 hours hiking (6 hours in total) over 14.5km (average moving speed 3.2km/hr); start height 999m, finish height 858m, highest point 1334m (by the radar station), total climbing 719m, total descending 844m. Estimated 2303kCal burned.